AgraCo Technologies mosquito patch division
AgraCo Technologies mosquito patch division

Frequently Asked Questions of Our Mosquito Patches

What is the AgraCo All Natural Vitamin B1 Mosquito Patch?

AgraCo Technologies' new Mosquito Patch is a unique, safe and natural way to repel mosquitoes, gnats and flies. There are no chemicals, pesticides or insecticides in the patch. It contains 300 mg. of Vitamin B1 (Thiamin).


What does the Mosquito Patch do?

Our bodies generally absorb only very small amounts of Vitamin B1. The excess is displaced through our sweat glands. Once our bodies have absorbed the maximum amount of Vitamin B1 it begins to be excreted from all of our pores.


What makes our Mosquito Patch work?

The active ingredient of our Mosquito Patch is Vitamin B1. Research has shown that mosquitoes, gnats and flies do not like the smell of Vitamin B1 excreted through the sweat glands. The Mosquito Patch works like any trans-dermal patch. You can place it on virtually any non-hairy area of the body. The patch works within two hours of placement and can last up to 36 hours. You can wash or swim with the patch; you can remove it after 24 hours but the effect will still last for another 12 hours.


What is vitamin B1?

The active ingredient of our Mosquito Patch is vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 or Thiamine, was discovered principally through the discovery of its deficiency syndrome, beriberi, which is characterized by a polyneuritis paralysis that affects mainly the lower limbs. Beriberi was found in the Far East but became prevalent during the 19th Century, when the introduction of steampowered rice mills began to permit highly efficient polishing and thus removed this vital nutrient. Beriberi can also present as a 'wet' form of the disease, characterized by heart failure and by widespread edema, especially in the lower limbs. Thiamine functions as part of an enzyme, thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP), which is required for energy production, carbohydrate, fat, and alcohol metabolism, and nerve cell function. Research has shown that mosquitoes, gnats and flies do not like the smell of Vitamin B1 excreted through the sweat glands.


Do we have any competition in the Mosquito Patch product?

There are several competitors in this field, who have been in business for several years and have had modest success. They are generally small companies, with limited funds and personnel. We do not consider our competitor's products to be as effective as our product, inasmuch as our patch has the highest dosage of the active ingredient, Vitamin B1, of any patch available on the market today. Also, most of our competitors use colored patches. Our patch is a clear patch that blends in with any skin color. Finally, our packaging is waterproof

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